Session Pianist

I work as a session pianist, with pop/rock jazz inspired influences.

How it works:

Generally I work in two ways, I can record tracks for you or I can play with your band or group.

For recording, setups vary depending on the needs and wants of the artists. Generally people send me tracks where they’d like a piano/organ adding. I can record in my home studio with one or more of several state of the art piano samples and synths, organs, pads etc, or I can record in a studio on a real acoustic piano. I can then, as an example, provide you with both the raw piano tracks in a variety of file formats, (including .midi) and a copy of the track sent to me with the piano track mixed in. Within that process maybe several consultations about the feel and sound that the artist is looking for to make sure I can come up with the best possible track. Alternatively an artist might want me to meet them at a studio, or elsewhere and record live with them or their band.

Costs are based obviously on what an artist requires. Obviously hiring a studio to record acoustic piano and spending a few days with an artist is going to cost more than a few hours of home recording and mixing.

Further, I can play in your group or band, or accompany you at a performance or a tour. If you need someone to bring a rock/jazz feel to your performance shoot me a message and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

Want to know my rates? Send me a message and again I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!


Working with @PaddyJames at The Premises Studios, London, 2016