Piano Lessons

Learn piano!

I can teach you to learn to play what you want completely on your own, with no sheet music and in a matter of minutes, however the way I teach this isn’t how music is traditionally taught.

Taking a step back, traditionally, instrument tuition is based around sheet music. Whilst this is a good way to learn, and can produce technically proficient pianists, it often doesn’t create a musician – it can be long winded, and tediously dull, but it a good way to teach lots of people all at once. The downside is it leaves people relying so heavily on sheet music that they are unable to play well or at all without it. It also makes people feel like they have to have the sheet music in order to play something they’ve heard or that’s in their head, which isn’t the case.

I learnt to ‘play by ear’, which simply means to use your senses to figure out what to play based on listening and processing a song or a melody, existing or original, in your head. It sounds complicated but it really isn’t, and there are several super useful and easy exercises and steps you can take to learn how to do this yourself. One is to listen to a note, or hum a note, any note, and try and find it on the piano. It sounds simple but it’s the first stepping stone in learning to play any tune you’d like.

Playing by ear is the basis of my tuition and my aim is to create a musician who understands and feels (as bohemian as that sounds) the music.