About Henry


My name’s Henry and I’m a singer/songwriter from the deepest depths of the South of England (Southampton <3).

I’ve loved music from a wee age and was privileged to grow up in a very musical household. I’m a self taught multi-instrumentalist, playing piano, guitar, didgeridoo (really), and a bit of drums and fiddle. I learnt to play by ear, so I can play pretty much anything after listening to it, which is why anyone who’s asked me on YouTube will attest, I don’t use sheet music. Currently I’m trying to learn a bit more jazz and blues – it’s where all the interesting piano happens and there are some brilliant pianists who’s skill and musicianship I really look up to! It’s all a learning process!

In the last few years I’ve started a YouTube channel (check it out here!) which at the moment has over half a million views, (woooo! Pls subscribe!), and it’s been so fun, and the messages I get are so lovely! I’ve started an open mic night, started gigging across the South and in July got the opportunity to play on the main stage (OMG) in Trafalgar Square plus the Families and Cabaret stages for Pride In London 2016 alongside some other incredible acts!

I also play as a session musician for a few UK artists and recently played on an upcoming album for a very talented UK singer/songwriter due for release in Novemeber – more details as and when they emerge! On that note, I also record piano parts for people’s tracks at home and in studio, message me for details 😉

Away from music, when I was in college I wanted to become a professional cyclist which was perhaps a bit different to more standard youthful aspirations, and spent a few years in Europe pedaling with some now rather famous (a World champion, a 4th place TdF finisher and an actual Olympic gold medal winning, as of the last two weeks) cyclists! Alas it seems as the cycling path wasn’t meant to be as I suffered some bad crashes, broken bones and a bad illness! After that I spent a few summers working at a summer camp in the US and in doing so met the most incredible people. I also work as a freelance cycle sport commentator! Recently I worked on the Guildford Town Centre races for the second year running – le Tour is next!

I’d also like to be an actor. Should anyone ever be short of a hollywood (or even terrestrial tv tbh) actor and a role is vacant do please let me know. I shan’t let you down!

I’ve also got a beautiful puppy, she is bae and always will be <3